Friday, October 18, 2013

Four Years!

I'm a little late in posting this but hey..better late than never right?  Jim and I celebrated our Fourth Wedding Anniversary on October 3rd! I truly can't believe it's been four years! I still remember every detail about that day and would give anything to be able to go back and relive it. 

We were lucky enough to celebrate our wedding anniversary with a getaway to Cabo San Lucas. It was a wonderfully relaxing week. There was lots of beach bumming...which I think is my favorite hobby by the way. So maybe it's not hobby..but it should be. There's something about the ocean that just instantly relaxes me and puts me in this super zen mode. 

I'm so happy and thankful we had this time together..just the two of us. 

It's been lovely year with lots of fun adventures which included travel and moving into our new home. A home and neighborhood that we have enjoyed very much so far. It goes without saying that we are very blessed and I know we both realize this and thank God for our blessings on a daily basis. However, it's also been a year that's included loss, frustration and heartbreak as we've continued to struggle to start a family. Something we both want very badly. We are still trying to navigate this windy road..which sometimes feels like more of a roller coaster that is never ending. But mostly, we take it one day at a time...and continue to love and laugh and live our lives and know that somehow..someway..just like everything in life..things will fall into place as they should. Our marriage and bond has only become stronger as we've embarked on this journey..and for that I am extremely thankful. 

Lots of love to you my friends!!!  Be back soon! XOXO

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quick little Catch up!

Hello lovelies! I am still alive! Things have been busy, busy per usual but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way. How about a quick little catch up? Here's what we've been up to...

We spent a weekend in  Reno to witness the beautiful baptism of my now Godson Cameron. Seriously, the cutest little chunk around. It's an honor to be his Godmom! It was a wonderful but way too fast weekend.

Some of my favorite ladies and sweet babes!

Over Labor Day weekend Jim and I visited family in Chicago. This is our third annual Labor Day Chi Town trip. So fun. There were game nights that went into the wee maybe lots of wine..and maybe why the game nights lasted into the wee hours.  There was an architectural boat tour in the city followed by some more adventuring in the city and  dinner at a restaurant  I've been dying to try.  If you are in Chicago...RPM is a must. The food is amazing and if you're a Giuliana and Bill fan like me..then it's a must try as they are partial owners of RPM. There was cuddly time with our adorable niece and nephew and family time that I treasure so very much. I've said it many times..but Geez..I've sort of won the in-law lottery.

 Have a great week!

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