Monday, August 30, 2010

Closet daydreams

The hubby must have caught the purge bug because over the weekend he finally cleared out all of his junk...errr...I mean stuff out of both guest bedroom closets and even took it upon himself to rearrange and organize the entire garage. Impressive right? I thought so. Who knew the purge bug was so contagious. Note to self: clean out closet and the hubby will follow suit.

Anyway, now that life on the homefront is feeling much more organized I'm dreaming of adding a few things to my newly cleaned out closet.

One being a little chandelier. I have always loved the look of one hanging in a closet. Most closets are neglected little spaces. I am definitely guilty of this but I believe we could all use a pretty little personalized space to start our daily routines. How nice would it be to walk into your closet and see something like this hanging from above...

image from:

or this..

image from:

Love this mini-chandelier....

I've also been wanting a linen dress form for for a while. How cute would one of these be in a closet? I'm thinking I could use it to store/display scarves, purses, and jewelry.

image from:

oh, the possibilities...


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