Friday, August 27, 2010


It was completely overdue and finally the procrastination of cleaning out my abyss of a closet has come to an end. I finally had the motivation to dive into the crazy mess of tangled hangers, too tight pants and out of style dresses and man it felt good. Well to be completely honest..the motivation came from being invited to a clothing exchange on Saturday to which I need to bring clothes I no longer need/want. You see..I need deadliness. Without deadlines I'm pretty sure nothing would get done around here. In fact, I often give myself fake little deadlines. I'll convince myself that if I don't get three loads of laundry done by 10 am then the world will surely come to an end. it's usually not that dramatic but still. It's a little trick I play on myself. And now I'm sounding like a crazy person. Back to the purging of the closet.

It felt so good to launch old blouses, faded black dresses and all of those "they never really fit right" items into my large plastic bin. I watched as the pile grew taller and taller and the more I purged the better I felt. It really is the closet=a good ol' cleansing of the soul and mind. Not to mention the fact that my closet was resembling a closet again instead of a crazy mess of clothes arranged without much rhyme or reason. Of course I had those..oh I remember the exact day I bought this moment or the I wore this dress on my 25th birthday moment but my more practical side usually won and they ended up in the purge pile.

My mind really is much clearer when I enter my closet now (as long as I don't take a little gander to the right side of the closet which belongs to the hubby..eeek!) and the task of figuring out what to wear is much easier when you can actually see what you've got to choose from. What a concept! :)
P.S: I took these pics with my iphone using the Hipstamatic app. I'm obsessed with it!

Now go dive into that closet and purge, baby purge! It'll change your life. ha. ha. I just add to add in that overdramatic line. It probably won't change your life but I promise it'll change your mood and if nothing else your overstuffed closet will thank you.

Now who's up for a little shopping?


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