Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My kind of Sunday

My friend Drea called and enlisted my help to spruce up her living/dining room area a bit. She wanted me to join her on a trip to Homegoods to find some home accessories and possibly a new rug. If you read my previous post then you know that she totally had me at Homegoods. We documented our day and decided.. why not pretend we were readying a room for HGTV's Design on A Dime??? Girls can dream right?? So off we went..

I'm pretty sure I just told her that we were almost there....

Oh and random sidenote...we passed this restaurant sign on our way..ridiculous right?? Do you think Biggie would be proud? I wanted to go in but Drea and Seeester wouldn't let me. Next time. Oh and mom you won't get this..I'll explain later. It involves..deep breath..RAP MUSIC!!! :)

Finally...our haven awaits..

After several hours of sifting and sorting and ooohhhing and aahhhing we were finally ready to depart. Drea also found a new friend.

I'd say we did pretty good.

Next it was off to Joann's to peruse the fabric department to make a table runner. You know you're getting old when fabric shopping is fun.

We decided to reward ourselves for all of our hard work and rest our tired feet with some Pita Jungle where we discovered that they have $2 margaritas. ummmm..yes please! They were not the normal watered down cheapy tasting $2 margaritas either. They were delicious! Take note local peeps. They have this special everyday, all summer long.

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We headed back to Drea's to unload our goods and see how everything looked.

Her bookshelf before:

Her bookshelf after: Much better.. don't you think?

We also found a new rug to go under her dining room table. I didn't get a before picture but the other rug was much darker in color. This rug completely brightened up the space. I'm loving it with the rattan chairs.

Thanks to Drea and Seeester for a fun day. Totally my kind of Sunday! :)


Peggy August 8, 2010 at 9:19 AM  

Sounds like my kind of day for sure!! Home Goods with your buds..life is good.
Ending a hard at it,shopping day with ritas...apple sure doesn't fall far does it?

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