Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Girls

I spent my Labor Day weekend celebrating this happy girl who happens to be my dear friend. Miss Brin will say I do in November so we spent the long weekend showering her with love and bachelorette celebrations.

It was a wonderful weekend where old friends reconnected and new friendships were made. We sat on comfy pillows, kicked off our shoes, sipped martinis and ate sushi until we felt like we would pop. We told old college stories and laughed until our cheeks hurt.

We took in the beautiful Colorado mountains which provided the perfect backdrop for our weekend celebration. Mimosas were sipped, massages were had, shopping damage was done and the most delicious melt in your mouth cookies were eaten.


We primped for our Saturday night out on the town and reverted back to our sorority house days
where we would see how many girls we could squeeze into one bathroom.

Much dancing and celebrating ensued but I decided the camera should probably stay home :)
And by the way.. my thighs just stopped aching from the dance party that night. was that good and yes...I'm that out of shape.

Our last night was spent at the house where we gathered around the long table, sipped wine, ate
pizza and just talked and laughed and spoke openly about our hopes and dreams and all that
we wish for in life. I took it all in as I don't think women do this often enough.
Truly empowering and oh so necessary.

We also showered our girl with fancy negligees and looked on as she exuded pure joy which
made us all smile.

Cheers to our Brinnee girl! I know your next chapter in life will be beautiful and happy just like you


Peggy September 12, 2010 at 11:10 AM  

So great that you girls have each other! Girlfriends are so crucial!
Looks like it was a fantastic weekend.. you are all so adorable

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