Thursday, October 14, 2010



So true! Some little happies as of late...

These ridiculously adorable baby shoes which are a baby shower gift for a dear friend. When I got these in the mail I could not bear to keep them in the box because they are far too precious so they have been sitting on my desk for about a month now and I have been admiring these sweet shoes until the time comes to gift them to my dear friend. I love knowing that in just a few short months her sweet baby girl will be wearing these. I totally want a pair in my size! These are handmade from this Etsy shop ... littleposhbebe

A coffee and pedicure date with my lovely friend Drea. She is the kind of friend who is up for anything at anytime. I just love her spontaneity. She's also the kind of friend you could sit and do nothing with and still have the time of your life.

Spending a short but totally worth it weekend in Colorado where we spent some sweet moments with our nephew Nicolas. I really think that being an Aunt is very much like being a Grandma. You get lots of sweet little moments without the worrying and stress. I am so in love with this role and so in love with this little man.

Oh and's totally possible to entertain a 9 month old and
sill enjoy a glass of wine. :)

Oh and another little man I'm sort of obsessed with.. Our friend Crystal's little Cooper.
I asked her if I could bring him back home with us but she decided she'd miss him too much. Look at that little face. Precious!

Looking so forward to the upcoming weekend where I'll spending time with three of my dearest friends in Reno. Can't wait!

Hope you're embracing many happy little moments today!


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