Thursday, October 7, 2010

The ultimate cozies

Since I'm still in sort of a cozy mode I thought I'd introduce you... to the ultimate cozies. The cozies of all cozies. I'm talking cozies so cozy that you'll have to talk yourself out of trying to pass them off as real clothes and wearing them to work because believe'll be tempted to. I've even thought about wearing mine to the airport...hubby looked at me weird so I changed.

The Dreamsacks Cleo Pajama Set= cozy heaven

I realize these don't look like much from the picture but believe me..they are incredible. They are made from organic bamboo which makes them softer than a baby's behind and are also made using only sustainable and renewable resources.

They also make sheet sets in this delicious bamboo fabric. I would love these but I'm afraid I'd never get out of bed if we had them. I have a hard enough time as it is.

You can check out the Dreamsacks sight here. They have many different nightwear styles and even have some daytime wear which was probably created after they saw people wearing their Dreamsacks PJ's to work. I'm telling you..they are that dreamy.

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