Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am lucky to have several women in my life that feel much more like a sister than a friend and this girl is one of them.

Lesley and I bonded during our freshman year at a sorority retreat during a game of "I Never". You know the game...you've most likely played it at some point in your life. Someone says "I've never...." fill in blank and then you raise your hand if you have in fact done what is stated. Thinking about it now..it's really sort of a weird game but nonetheless a really popular one among hight school and college girls. And well..Lesley and I quickly realized that we really had never done much. As girls were raising their hands left and right we would throw astonished glances towards each other. "These girls are crazy," we whispered to each other. Or maybe it was really that we were the weird prudish ones...either way the two prudes bonded and eleven years later we're still kickin. We've seen each other through bad breakups, family loss and as of lately some pretty cool life changing events. She stood next to me as I said I do and I am so excited that I will finally get to do the same for her!!! And just typing that brings a smile to my face. Not only did she get engaged but she got engaged on her 30th birthday!!! This girl deserves love and happiness like nobody's business.

And I'd say the fiance' did good ehh?

If there is one thing my lovely group of friends can do pretty well it's celebrate. We do it up right. So off to San Diego we all went to celebrate Lesley's birthday and engagement!!
We took in the fresh salty air, ate great food and clinked our glasses together. We toasted to friendship and love and the great many reasons that life gives us to celebrate.

We ventured into the cute little shops in downtown La Jolla...and just when I thought there was no improving upon a shop overflowing with organic cupcakes of all flavors they go and throw a DJ in the mix. Well Done..La Jolla...well done.

We planned out Lesley's big day and hashed out all of the little wedding details that are really fun to fuss over with girlfriends.

like searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

We indulged in some ice cream by the ocean and seriously..I forgot the simple happiness that overwhelms you when scarfing down a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles. When was the last time you had one? Nostalgia to the max.

A few other things I quite like about SD..

The corner flower shops.

Mimosa samplers. Champagne with three different types of fresh fruit puree!

Hibiscus in abundance.

Little Italy in downtown SD where rows of amazing restaurants fill the streets with the aroma of garlic and homemade tiramisu.

And of course..the breathtaking views.

It was a perfect weekend full of laughs, catching up and celebrating my dear friend who has an exciting year ahead of her!

Hope you're all having a great week!


Peggy June 6, 2011 at 9:14 AM  

Wow, now I want to go to San Diego!! Rent a house on the beach! And it's not even that far.
Everyone who knows Leslie is more than thrilled for her, I'm sure. Look forward to meeting this, oh so lucky guy!

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