Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Something new.

I love new things. I mean..who doesn't? Love the satisfaction of slipping on a pair of brand new shoes for the first time proudly wearing them out and about long before they become stretched out or bear those inevitable little scuff marks. Or the thrill of untwisting the cap of a brand new lipgloss..swiping just perfect amount of gloss across your lips long before the brush becomes over saturated with gloss and the cap bears little nibble marks from a naught puppy who thinks lipgloss is super yummy. Okay..maybe that's just what happens to my lipglosses.

And what I really love about new things is that they often propel us into doing more and being more. A domino effect that likely began with something new whether it be big or small. Like finding the perfect little dress will prompt us to actually shave our legs, do our hair and plan a special night out with the hubby. Or buying a new cookbook leads to more intention and thought going into our meals. Or finding a cute new workout outfit will lead to more trips to the gym. And well..the latest something new around here has been in the form of new carpet.

It's been on the" house to-do list" for a while and we finally had it installed this past week. Who knew that new carpet would lead to a cleaner house, a bed that is actually made, a bathroom that now smells like bleach, a reorganized closet and a husband who (at least for the last few days ) has not left any dirty socks on the floor. It's almost like this unspoken rule...we must not insult our lush new carpet by throwing dirty clothes upon it.

if you know me well then you know that having shoes all lined up neatly instead of piled on top of each other is quite the feat for me.

If you give a girl a clean house.. she'll decide to whip up a little somethin' sweet in the kitchen. And let's be whip up I mean slice the store bought pound cake (I know, I know..despicable) slice up the strawberries, marinate them in sugar and throw a dollop of whipped cream on top. I didn't snap a pic of it but we'll pretend it looked just like this.

And if you give a girl some strawberry shortcake she'll shamelessly scarf it down and get so excited about summer that she'll make a list of summer to do's. And no..I'm not talking about humdrum to do's like buy toilet paper...I' m talking about a summer bucket list. Summer 2011 Bucket List...

1. find the perfect pair of jellies
2. make homemade strawberry shortcake
3. go on a picnic
4. sleep under the stars
5. go on a hike
6. invite the girls over for slumber're never too old for a good old fashioned slumby.
7. go to a concert
8. read more books
9. eat watermelon like it's my job. I'm talking watermelon smoothies, watermelon cocktails, watermelon salad..etc.
10. make s'mores
11. light up some sparklers for no reason other than the fact that it's summer time.
12. create a summer music playlist.
13. eat fudgsicles.
14. take a weekend roadtrip with the hubby.
15. continually have peach and strawberry sangria chilling in the fridge just in know a neighbor happens to stop by. (Drea)
16. Watch the sunset over the Arizona Mountains.
17. take a boat ride
18. Go on a picnic
19. stay in my pj's for an entire day
20. find the perfect white eyelet dress.
21. wear lots of yellow and turquoise
22. braid my hair

I can't wait to begin checking things off the list.
Happy summer my friends!


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