Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Why hello there! I apologize for the two week blogging absence. We lost a close family friend unexpectedly about a week ago. She was a very close friend of my mom's and truly one of the most giving and caring people I knew. A few days after I got that frantic call from my mom I sat down to begin a post only to quickly backspace and close out of blogger. It all seemed so trivial..so insignificant. A family just lost their mother and I was sitting here writing about home decor. It just didn't feel right. I've stepped away from my computer a bit the bast few weeks and have taken more time to drink in the little things and connect more with friends and family.

Life is so very precious and there is no guarantee of tomorrow. We have to make our days count. It is so easy to get stuck in the rut of routine and everyday responsibilities but I vow to not let routine suck me in. I will stop saying yeah...I've been meaning to try that...or do this...or yeah..one day I'll learn that skill and one day I'll volunteer with that organization. Nope. Today is the day my friends. If anything.. I plan on doing this in honor of our dear friend Mary..who is now a beautiful angel watching over us. She was the kind of person who would open her home to a perfect stranger. The kind of person who lived a life of service and took comfort in helping others. She was always so much fun to be around..someone you could chat and laugh with for hours. Her smile could light up a room and her thoughtful nature was inspiring. She truly had the most amazing spirit. (I fully believe in the power of prayer and if you could include Mary's beloved sons in your prayers it would mean so much.)

I often take comfort in reading quotes. In fact...I am probably a bona fide quoteaholic. The following really spoke to me and I thought you may like it as well.


Source: Pinterest.

Now go out and take that dance class, try the new recipe, connect with that old friend you've been thinking about, take that photography class you keep saying you want to take (that one was totally for me)plan that girl's trip and go on that cruise you've been dreaming about.

Let's seize the day!!! For we don't know if it's our last.
Much love to you all!!!

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