Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day to all of the wonderful fathers out there. I have been blessed with an amazing father for 29 years now and I thought I'd share a few thing I love and admire about my dad.

1. I love his great sense of humor.
2.I love that he has never taken himself too seriously.
3. I love how he always worked unbelievably hard to provide for our family.
4. I love that he still has to use the same coffee mug every morning.
5. I love that when my mom and I tease him he ends up laughing with us.
6. I love how thorough he is in every aspect of life.
7. I love his determination to take on new challenges and learn new skills at this stage in his life.
8. I love how he embraces all people no matter their background or walk of life.
9. I love how he has taught my brother and I the importance of generosity and giving back.
10. I love that when something is broken he always says, "Well something must be haywire." :)

Happy Father's day Dad! I admire so many things about you and am lucky to be your daughter. xoxo


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