Monday, June 14, 2010

SATC girl's night take 2

During my trip to Las Vegas my mom, sister-in-law and I decided to do a girl's night and go see Sex and The City 2. I had already done a SATC girl's night with my girlfriends in Phoenix but of course I was totally willing to see it again. I own the first SATC movie and have probably watched it about 20 times. In fact, the hubby calls it my "sick day movie" since that's what I always end up popping in the DVD player when I'm home sick.

Of course, we had to come up with some decor for our little girl's night. I found these adorable cupcake toppers on If you haven't checked out this awesome site do so immediately! I got the recipe for the Cosmo cupcakes on there too. It seemed weird adding Cosmo mix to cupcake batter but they were delicious! I also decided to make little goody bags so we all had some munchies during the movie. We hid them in our purses. :) We found some great retro candy at Michael's. Speaking of Michael's, I seem to be spending WAY too much time there lately. Something about summer break is making me just want to create things. :)


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