Thursday, August 12, 2010

A recipe for a whole lot of random fun

What do you get when you mix an ordinary Thursday night, two friends, (and neighbors) a bottle of wine, some citrus and a fully charged camera?? guessed it. A little juggling and a game of scenarios. Wait..did you really guess that?

We discovered that we are both equally horrible at juggling.

I do much better with those little colorful scarves. Remember those from elementary P.E class? So much easier.

Next it was time for a little scenario action. If you've never played a game of Scenarios then you must go grab your camera and a few friends at this very moment. It's super simple. The person with the camera shouts a scenario and you have 2 seconds to act it out before the photo is snapped. There is no way to play this little game without cracking up or in my case...laughing so hard that you cry and then your mascara runs down your cheeks. Food for the soul I tell ya..

See if you can guess what each scenario was. The answers are at the bottom of this post. No cheating!!!


Scenario/Picture #1: We just discovered a $100 bill laying on the ground.
Scenario/Picture #2: We just got our picture taken by photo radar on the freeway.
Scenario/Picture #3: We just got an amazing blowout. (I'm pretty sure I only strike this pose once I'm home and by myself in the mirror.) :0
Scenario/Picture #4: I'm sure you guessed this one. The actual scenario was that a random dude let out a you know what and it smelled like you know what...:)
Scenario/Picture #5: We're on Top Chef and have just been given a food challenge. Apparently food competitions bring out my exorcist face. SCARY! Oh and in case you're wondering..I'm mixing together some delicious (winning) recipe ingredients in a bowl. Drea was still figuring out her game plan. Get it together Drea!! We're on a time limit here. :)

Now go grab your camera and a little Pinot Grigio and let the scenarios begin....

You'll be doing lots of this...I promise.


Krissy August 12, 2010 at 3:43 PM  

I laughed so hard at this are too funny! I am definitely going to try your scenario game it looks so fun:) Your Top Chef pic was classic!

olivieridm August 14, 2010 at 5:56 PM  

hahahahahahahahaha!!! you are one crazy girl, Erin!!

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