Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cozy day out

I have this little problem. I seriously love my cozies and even more so love what I have dubbed.."cozy day outs." Love cozy days so much that when I have declared a particular

day "a cozy day out" I begin the sweet day with a little song. Yes..I'm that much of a weirdo. Actually, I just sing "It's a Cozy day out" over and over to the tune of whatever song I listened to last.

And what exactly does "a cozy day out" consist of? Well in our house it's a day when the weather is gloomy and therefore there is no need to venture outside. We enjoy all of the comforts of simply being home. Pajamas are worn all day, coffee is sipped, lingering, lounging and putzing takes place, TV is watched, books are caught up on and a little baking or cooking occurs. And only when it's time to call it a night do the cozies come off..only to be replaced by new cozies of course.

And well..we don't get many official "cozy day outs" here in Arizona. The sun almost always makes a grand appearance which makes you feel like you're obligated to shower and dress and go do something productive. In fact, there have been many a Sunday when there were one or two clouds in the sky and I began singing...It's a cozy day out, It's a cozy day out..only to be shut down by the hubby who pointed out that there was one measly little cloud hanging above which does NOT constitute "a cozy day out." What he was really trying to say was that no..he wouldn't be partaking in the 5 hour TV marathon/pajama day I was scheming. DARN.

But today.... oh sweet today..there was no disputing the "cozy day out" status. It rained, it thundered, it HAILED!!! Yes..hailed. Hail the size of golf balls came pouring from the sky and it was surprising yet seriously awesome.

And I know..I know..it's only hail. But I still had to run outside and grab some.

And although I had to get dressed and be productive this morning I was not letting this fabulous "cozy day out" pass without taking part in the ritual. As soon as I got home PJ's were slipped on and cider was mulled.

I lit every cider, pumpkin and apple scented candle we have.. which is far too many by the way. Borderline obnoxious actually.

And I pulled my shiny silver friend down from the shelf. A friend I haven't seen in far too long.

And I measured and mixed and baked some sinfully delicious Spiced Apple Coffee Cake while the thunder pounded and the rain pitter pattered on the windows.

And it was BLISS.

I hear it's supposed to rain again tomorrow. Warming up my singing voice now...

Apple Spiced Coffee Cake Recipe from Williams Sonoma


Peggy October 6, 2010 at 9:26 PM  

Wish I could've joined you! I could use a do nothing day right about now...!!

Peggy October 6, 2010 at 9:27 PM  

I gotta try that coffee cake, looks delish!

Erin October 7, 2010 at 9:15 AM  

The coffee cake is the one they were sampling at Williams Sonoma when you were here. It's super yummy. You were supposed to be doing nothing a few days ago Miss ADD! :) xoxo

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