Monday, November 1, 2010

The good kind of busy..

It was a busy weekend indeed..but the good kind of busy. The kind where fun knocks at your door in all sorts of directions. Where one fun gathering is followed by the next and a nice little sugar buzz from all of the Halloween candy keeps you going.

A Halloween party kicked off the weekend where the Kardashian clan rocked the house. I was the matriarch of the fam.. Kris Jenner. And SERIOUSLY ( said in the most annoying way possible)...juggling my three crazy daughters all night was quite the job. ;) Jim was an old school Bruce Jenner. hence..the gold medal. He was quite happy about not wearing sleeves. ;) And if you don't watch reality TV.. I apologize but none of this will make sense. And check out baby Mason...hilarious. He was all decked out..little baby pumas and all. Oh and as for Scott..he was SO not invited. :)

Yes..they padded their behinds to achieve the true Kardashian look...

Not only does Halloween allow you to be someone else for the day it also allows you to revert
to college days and bring back good old faithful.... Flip cup.

A little thriller action. Jim thought he should take over the wig when I couldn't handle it anymore.

I love Halloween..the whole getting to adopt a new persona for the day is so fun..and then removing the wig, smearing off the makeup and slowly becoming yourself again..well that's pretty nice too.

And finally...I had my little "Ode to Fall" gathering. Pretty much since the dawn of the official "first day of Fall" I've been wanting do this. And so..we did. Pulled out my pumpkin spreaders, dusted off my Halloween cupcake decorating kit that I bought a year ago, dipped shiny apples into gooey caramely goodness, pulled out anything I had in the shape of a leaf or pumpkin and went to town. Pumpkin beer was sipped, sticky caramel was pulled from teeth and we celebrated this lovely Season..and this Autumn loving girl was happy.
And since I'm sort of into squeezing every last drop out of my delicious weekends..The weekend was topped off with a baby shower I co-hosted for my lovely friend Veronica.
It was so much fun and I loved how it all turned out. More details to come but here's a
little sneak peek. :0

And speaking of sneak peeks and squeezing every minute out of weekends..we also fit in a little preggo "photo shoot" after the shower. I've only had time to edit a couple but I'm loving these so far.

Is she not the prettiest preggers?

I'm LOVING this one.

Okay..cold sheets await. I'm off to bed. Hope you had a lovely Halloween weekend.


Peggy November 3, 2010 at 10:37 PM  

At the moment I'm loving being back in our house after 3 weeks of rocking & rolling on that ship!! Our new rule is 2 weeks is the longest we are willing to be away from HOME! Once a home body always a home body!
Loving the fall feeling in the air and buying pansies and mums for the garden.
Loving making fall soups for dinner with crunchy french bread
Love looking forward to see You very soon in Sonoma!!

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