Saturday, December 11, 2010

In my next life...

In my next life..I think I'll be a party planner. Not because I think I'm particularly amazing at it but more so because it's just so much fun. Only I would want to continue to plan showers and birthday parties for friends..that way I'd avoid the high maintenance bridezillas or overzealous mother of the brides.

I love everything about planning a a gathering whether it's large or small. I enjoy thinking up a theme and then poring over every last detail. Well.. I probably pore over details to a fault. My mom pointed this out to me out as I had her traipsing up and down every aisle of every Michaels in town with me looking for a small red wagon to place on top of a baby shower cake. (sadly..we never found it). I enjoy thinking up creative ways to plan a nice party without breaking the bank whether it be creating instead of buying or searching Homegoods for cheaper cloth napkins.

And the hubby has become pretty accustomed to said party planning too. He hardly bats an eye anymore when he comes home to find me funneling bubble bath into pretty glass jars or poring over my Bakerella cookbook and wondering out loud if I would be successful at making her cakepops. And well..I'm pretty sure he rolls his eyes when I turn around but I'm cool with that. Men just don't really get it but I think he does see how much I enjoy it.

Okay, enough rambling. Time for some pics. Last weekend I threw a vintage toy themed baby shower for one of my very close friends. She is having a baby boy in February and is one of the cutest preggos ever. I loved how everything turned out. Melody's mom did all of the food so I was able to focus on what I love..the decor and the dessert!

The invitation

Oh and I purposely blurred out the address. Don't didn't get sent out like that. I just didn't think Melody would appreciate me putting her address on the internet. :)

The mantle decor. If you promise not tell anyone.. I'll tell you a secret. The only items on this mantle that are actually vintage are some of the books. Everything else was found at Michaels or Target!!! oh and the flashcards are from Anthropologie. I had them in my classroom last year.

I made the flag banner using scrapbook paper and ribbon. My mom and I made the paper flower poms. I bought them from a shop on Etsy before for previous parties and then realized they are not that hard to make and much cheaper to do it yourself. Click here for a how to guide from Miss Martha Stewart.

I spread mason jars filled with white flowers around for some added decor. We tied bakers twine and some rustic twine around the jars. I also cut out little circles from scrapbook paper and the jacks are from Target. I also placed little popcorn bags filled with popcorn around for some casual snacking. Popcorn bags found at Michaels.

My favorite garland to make. I think I can make these in my sleep now. Scrapbook paper, crepe paper and this time I used stick on felt letters from Michaels.

(the L is a little wonky)

The soon to be grandmas provided some baby pictures of Melody and her husband Chris. I think it's a cute touch for baby showers. Everyone enjoys looking at them. Oh and the cash register is actually vintage. Melody's mom had it. Love it!

I was SO happy with how the cake turned out. The bakery followed my instructions to the letter. I found the mini wooden blocks and wooden train at Michaels. My mom painted the little train and she also found the little monkey at Target. It's actually a Christmas ornament!

The children's books to the right of the cake were Melody's dads. So sweet!

Oh and the cakepop venture was successful! They are really not that hard to make. Time consuming but not hard. They were a hit! You can find a how to guide on Bakerella's blog here. As you can see they are not all exactly round. A few are misshaped but for the first time making them I thought they weren't too bad.
I placed jacks in the mason jars and arranged them that way. There are so many different ways to display these and all kinds of flavors to make. I went simple. Vanilla cake and vanilla frosting and white candy melts.

For the party favors I did a candy bar with old fashioned candy. I found the candy at Michaels and World Market. Guests made themselves little goody bags to take home.

I took this picture before I labeled the jars. I also wish I would have removed the little card tree behind the jars for this picture. Oh well...

We used the the vintage soda bottle holders as decor too. My mom came up with this idea.

This one held the dessert napkins

Found the vintage style soda bottles at Target and World Market

Another easy decor idea.. tea dyed baby onesies hung from string. I added more flashcards in between them.

Melody got so many amazing things. Baby Allen will be all set!

Mel and her snazzy new stroller.

It was a great time and I'm so looking forward to meeting baby Allen!! Oh and a little shout out to my amazing mom..thanks for all of your help and for staying up past ten to craft with me. :)


Peggy December 17, 2010 at 7:54 AM  

I would stay up past 10:00pm anytime to spend time with you!!
Great memories made while helping with your happy i could be part of it!
I understand why your friends love you so much! However,Never as much as I do

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