Saturday, January 15, 2011

Current obsessions

A little Hipstamatic rundown of some current obsessions....

a. Sunsets...they have been magical lately.

b. My "Antique" silver from Pottery Barn's silver collection. Given to me by my lovely Mother-in-law. Love it. Check out the collection

c. Using the good stuff for everyday use. Why had I never thought of using our beautiful crystal bowl (a wedding gift) as a fruit bowl!?! Love it. Thank you Tim and Dennis!

d. Mrs. Meyer's Lavender all purpose cleaner. Because if one must clean.. it might as well smell really, really good.

e. new favorite eye was time to up the ante and buy some real stuff. The big 30 is lurking around the corner you know. This stuff is great.

f. chilly evenings have called for lots of after dinner hot chocolate. And in my opinion.. hot chocolate must be done right. My latest concoction: Starbucks Mocha powder mixed with warm almond milk and topped with 25 cent (end cap.. after Christmas sale) snowman shaped marshmallows. It's pure deliciousness. and coziness in a cup. Oh and when your husband asks if you should really be consuming all of that sugar right before bed...pretend like you didn't hear him and keep on a sippin'. :)


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