Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little bit of chicken fried

Well it's funny how it's the little things in life
that mean the most
not where you live
the car you drive
or the price tag on your clothes
there's no dollar sign on a peace of mind
this I've come to know
so if you agree, grab a drink with me
and raise your glasses for a toast..
Zac Brown Band

Totally the theme song for the weekend...and if you've never heard it..log on to itunes. Zac Brown Band..chicken fried. One of my favorites...and I may or may not have yelled the title of this song over and over in hopes that the band at Greasewood Flats would eventually sing it.

And what better theme song could you ask for on your birthday weekend? One of those weekends where you are reminded that you are truly blessed with not only really good friends, but really fun friends, friends that drink in life as though they haven't had a sip in days. Friends that will look like a fool right along with you..and " line dance"..otherwise known as doing the electric slide in cowboy boots.

And speaking of amazing friends..I got a text a few weeks ago letting me know that two of my favorites would be flying in to visit for my birthday weekend. So sweet and unexpected. Thank you Lesley and Brianne for making the weekend extra special. Love you both very much.

Cowboy boots were donned under a starry night sky. Friends huddled and caught up around the bon fires, sweet tea vodka was sipped and wannabe cowgirls and cowboys rubbed elbows with the real deal.

the real cowboys at the bar

And you know what else..I got to celebrate turning 30 with this really, really cute wannabe cowboy.

Jim took the following pic..and he totally forgot to remove his beer goggles before snapping it... sorry about the blur.

And when we weren't making fools of ourselves on the dance floor I was drinking in every last moment with my two lovely visitors...catching up over a three hour brunch, retelling ridiculous college stories and talking about life and love until our eyelids were heavy and we finally gave in and headed to bed.

And so..a toast...

to amazing friends, to thirty, to the little things in life, to my cute wannabe cowboy and well...to a little bit of (imposter, soy meat ) chicken fried.



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