Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Things

We have been blessed with some pretty incredible weather around these parts lately. The sun has been making quite a grand appearance and jackets and sweaters are shed by noon time. The birds are singing a little tune outside my window as I type at this very moment and that magic hour of sunlight right before the sun retires has created the perfect little sunbeams that are streaming through the window. We keep our windows open lately and the fresh air fills our home. It makes me want to go barefoot and wear pastels and white jeans and plant flowers. The air seems fresher..the sun brighter and..I think it's happened a little early around here. Spring has sprung my friends. And I am happy indeed.

And So..I bring you Spring things...


Girl Scout cookies pulled straight from the freezer...
My dinner of choice when the hubs is out of town on business. Don't tell...

Pink and green wedges pulled out from under a pile of old shoes in the back of my closet. The perfect Spring has sprung and I want to celebrate kind of

Fresh Lemons

Colorful tin candles.

Pink ruffly t-shirts.

Fun Floral Shoes

Shoes are a recent purchase from Marshalls..$20!!!

Charlotte's oh so Springy hair bows.

Nests and floral napkins.

And I sense some egg dying, Spring training games and hours spent lounging in the backyard in our near future. Many more Spring Things to come...

But for now...I'll leave you with our little Charlotte girl. Our pup who is a little bit naughty but a lotta bit cute.

Happy Almost Friday!


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