Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shakin' it off

We all have those days. Days when we're simply just not feeling it. Days when we let little annoyances take over and alter our mood. Days when we forget to see the big picture and give minor things more importance than we should. I've had a few of those days this past week and since this is not quite the norm for me it affects me . I'm a generally happy person. Someone whose mood doesn't fluctuate that often. It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers...but yes..I'm human and I guess was overdue. I confided in a friend and told her that I was trying to shake this little funk and she laughed and said that my expectations are a little high.. she told me that it's perfectly okay if I'm not skipping around each morning singing zippity freakin' doo da. Really? I sort of like that song.

But then I figured it out. It's happened before. When things become too routine I get a little antsy. Yes, there is something comforting about routine and it has it's necessary place in life but there is a difference between necessary routine and monotony. Monotony and I don't get along well. Monotony doesn't inspire me. Monotony is not my bestie...not even my frenemy. So when life gets a little too predictable I find the need to shake things up. Nothing elaborate, nothing crazy..just little things to switch things up and fulfill this little craving I have for variation.


I did my yoga video in the dark with every candle we own lit. Try it. It will turn your crazy, stressful day around.

I baked instead of watching my recorded shows. No pic...but here is the recipe . It's from the Pioneer Woman. She rocks! Oh and I added strawberries to the recipe. Delish!

I bought a new book. I refuse to see this movie before reading the book!

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I tried a new restaurant. There is a Chinese restaurant walking distance from our house that Jim and I have said we are going to try for three years now. So.. we finally did. And we'll be back. It was really good.

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I took a long, quiet baths. Also in the dark.. with every candle we own lit. Oh and I use the good stuff..lavendar/vanilla bubble bath. me likey.

I took a walk at night. Just me, my lil' Charlotte and my ipod. Took in the moon in all it's glory.


I make plans. One of the many things that I love about the hubby. He's up for adventures and loves to see new places. We sat and talked about 2nd anniversary plans and decided that our destination must possess beautiful beaches. I'm thinking somewhere like this. Oh and when we get there...I think I'll strike a pose like this. (joking about the posing part. sort of.) Making plans and dreaming big...oh so good for the soul.

And it's coming back. The inspiration...the zest...finding the wonder in the little things. I feel it.

I'd love to know..what do you do when you're not "feelin' it?" How do you break away from your daily routine? Do share.

A Sangria date with my bathtub awaits. I'm out.

Wait..just kidding..I'm back. Speaking of sangria...want to know the BEST sangria that tastes homemade but isn't but fools people into thinking it is?? Not that I've done that or anything. It's from World Market. Find it here. Add some sliced lemons and oranges and people will think your the world's best sangria maker. Seriously....try it. Okay..now I'm out. Fo reals yo. P.S: I have a gangsta side..Did you know this? ;)


Krissy July 21, 2011 at 11:02 AM  

You are too funny Erin, hope your weekend turns things around. I think I need a little switch-a-roo in my routine too!

Monique Madrid July 24, 2011 at 10:12 PM  

I knew you had a gangsta side...that's just one of the many reasons I LOVE you!!!

Erin July 27, 2011 at 3:24 PM  

Thanks Kristen. Actually dad a great weekend! :)
Mo..I l LOVE you too and also quite like your little gangsta side too. ;) Come visit again soon!!! xo

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