Friday, August 5, 2011

A for effort?

There is a special art that goes into writing comments on a child's report card. It is a craft that most teachers perfect after several years of teaching. We are taught in college how to hand pick the perfect words that get our point across but still sound professional and positive. It is quite an art.

To be honest, I always dreaded report card time each trimester. My easily distracted self would take quite a while to finish them and although I knew it was important to convey how the child was performing in class I also hated putting such a definitive label on my young students. But when I reached the comments box at the bottom I would always crack a smile. I would think of the blunt descriptions that I really wanted to say but would then carefully string together the perfect words.

Instead of..Joe never stops talking all day, gets out of his seat constantly to poke other students with his pencil and follows me around the room saying my name over and over again which causes me to have a migraine for the rest of the day .. I would write.. Joe is quite a lively boy but can be disruptive at times.

Instead of..Susie talks incessantly, is extremely bossy and seems to be channeling Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls I would write... Susie is a very social girl who displays strong leadership skills.
Don't get me wrong..I loved them all..even the naughty ones. And of course..there were plenty of kids that didn't need any sugar coating. Kids that I could gush about for days and write how caring and hardworking they were.

Anyway, all of this to tell you that I'm giving myself an F on my photo challenge assignment. I am WAAAAY behind but have plenty of sugar coated excuses. Ready???

1. I posses a strong work ethic and have thrown myself into work lately which has lead to very little time to snap pictures. The real reason.....I forgot to snap pictures for many days in a row and preferred to watch So you Think you Can dance when I got home from work instead of uploading pictures onto my computer.

2. I have just been so busy keeping my house in order and haven't had free time to snap pictures. AKA: I went to happy hour.

I think I'll give myself an extension. Oh and an A for effort. Okay...maybe an A-

However..I did complete Day 8..yes..over a month late. What can I say..I'm out of excuses.
Day 8: A bad habit.

I can think of many and if you ask Jim I'm sure he'd rattle off a few. One bad habit that I really know seriously bugs him is when I forget to switch the laundry into the dryer and then our clothes smell like moldy feet. Yeah..I'm working on that.
If you ask me though.. I'd say one of my many bad habits/addictions is spending way too much time on Pinterest. If you are not addicted already then let me warn you...don't go on it if you don't want minutes to turn into hours while you drool over the eye candy and inspiration.

It's a huge time suck but super amazing at the same time. Check it out here. But don't say I didn't warn you. ..

Here is the latest board I created on Pinterest. Some Fashion covets....Apparently I'm really digging yellow and turquoise lately. Sources are below each picture.

Happy Friday and sorry about my excessive rambling...I mean.. nicely drawn out thoughts.


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