Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fave Things!!!

Time for some favorite things for the month. Are we really in the middle of September already!?! Crazy how fast time goes!! Loving the cooler mornings and evenings though. Even opened the windows for a bit this morning. Yipppeee!!

#1. My big ol' Starbucks cup. I am the world's worst water drinker and have been trying to be better at hydrating. This cup has been a lifesaver. I swear I drink more fluids when it's out of a straw. Weird...but true. I take this with me to work each day and simply refill it. Much greener than water bottles too. I even bring it up to bed with me at night and keep it on my nightstand. Yep...I am officially in love with a plastic cup.

I even write myself little motivational notes on it. ;)

#2. Two little beauty things I can't live without. My Peeps chapstick. Yeah...I know Peeps flavored chapstick??? Probably meant for 5 year olds but I love it. Come on...who doesn't want their lips to smell like Peeps!?! I use it every night before bed and it permanently lives in my nightstand drawer. My friend Melody gave it to me since she knows my love for Peeps. Thanks Mel!!! And my new favorite mascara..Cover Girl's Lashblast Length. I don't like spending a lot of moula on mascara and decided to try this one after reading about it in IN STYLE magazine. I love it!! It really lengthens but never clumps..which is why I love it so much. No tarantula legs with this stuff. Found at Target and probably most drugstores.

#3. Anthroplogie's Ikat mini bowls.

I fell in love with these little bowls while perusing Anthro's home section. I decided to just buy one and use it to hold some jewelry on my dresser. Love the Ikat pattern and gold rim. They are not available online anymore but saw them in the stores recently.

#4. My new coffee creamer. Coffee Mate's Natural Bliss. I drink coffee every morning and make it using our Senseo Coffee maker. (which I also love.) SO excited that there is FINALLY an all natural flavored coffee creamer. Natural Bliss is made of simply milk and cream, sugar and natural vanilla flavoring. No mystery ingredients or weird chemicals. Love it!!!

#5. Organix shampoo and conditioner. Love this stuff. All natural ingredients, reasonably priced and it works really well and also smells great!!! I buy it at Target.

#6. Skinny Girl Sangria. Really loving this stuff. Throw a few bottles into a pitcher and add some fresh fruit and voila!! I also discovered that it's much cheaper at Target than the grocery store. Really...not sure what I'd do without my beloved Tarjay.

#7. Black, brown and gold. Loving this color combo for Fall. Can't wait to combine these items for some fun Fall outfits.

Bag: Vintage Chanel..( a gift from my lovely Mom) watch: Michael Kors. Animal Print scarf: Old Navy. Scarf not online but still in stores! LOVE that animal print is back in a big way!!!

Happy Almost Friday!!!



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