Friday, September 9, 2011

FOUND...Sunburst mirror!!

I have struggled with what to put above the headboard in our bedroom for a while. I felt like it would become a focal point in the room so it needed to be something I really liked and hopefully wouldn't get sick of.

Then I came across this image on Pinterest and knew instantly what we needed. A sunburst mirror!!

image: decorpad via pinterest

So I began the hunt for the perfect sunburst mirror only to find that they regularly retail for around $300 and up..and I am way too cheap for that pricetag. Instead..I regularly scoured Homegoods and Marshall's without any success. But....on my little trip to Hobby Lobby last week I found it!!! Don't you just love when you find the exact thing you have pictured in your mind??? And of all places...Hobby Lobby!!!

I love it!

Come on into our bedroom and have a little look-see..

I think it's just perfect for this space.

And the price you was marked at $189 but of course just like everything at Hobby Lobby it was 50% off. But don't let their permanent 50% off sales fool you...they basically mark everything up way too much so that they can pretend like they are giving you 50% off. I'm on to you Hobby Lobby!!! :) But still...I got this mirror for under $100. It's exactly what I've been looking for. And for the record...I hung it myself too. Hopefully it doesn't fall on our heads while we're sleeping. :)

Oh and they also have a similiar sunburst mirror in a smaller size as well. Go check it out!!

Happy Friday!!


Peggy September 11, 2011 at 6:59 PM  

Looks great!! Good find!
Please have Jim check how secure it is on the wall...Please!

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