Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week in pictures

As much as I adore my Canon 50D I don't always take it with me everywhere since it is heavy and I worry about losing it sometimes. But my phone..almost always have that with me..which is why I LOVE Instagram for the iphone. I am constantly snapping pictures of weekly adventures with my phone and love looking back at the pictures at the end of the's a true peek into life's happenings. So..before I deleted this past week's I thought I'd share them.

Picture 1. Drea and I had WAAAY too much fun at Hobby Lobby. She found a fall colored boa..everyone should have one...

Picture 2. Cute little scarecrows at Hobby Lobby that are actually NOT creepy and almost look handmade....I loved these little me SO excited for Fall!

Picture 3. Giant piece of corn in the Fall section at Hobby Lobby..seriously..who buys this?? And how could you resist pretending to eat it?

Picture 4. Fall aisle at once again..Hobby Lobby. Yeah..we spent like two hours here. Have I mentioned how excited I am for Fall!?!?

Picture 5. Pretty sunset on our way up to El Encanto in Cave Creek...forgot to snap pics once we were up there though. :(

Picture 6. My little Charlotte girl..sunbathing near our bedroom window.

Picture 7. new obsession..Skinny Girl Sangria. SO GOOD!! I like it much better than the Skinny Girl Margarita. Add fresh fruit to it and you're are set..or don''s good either way. I found it at my local grocery's also available at Target.

Picture 8. Pool gear.

Picture 9. Amanda and her cute red sunglasses.

Picture 10. I snuck off for a little pool time with Drea while Jim recovered from his morning golf session with a nap. We look like two little old ladies floating with our noodles.

Picture 11. Can't beat the desert skies.

Picture 12. new nail color which I LOVE but can't remeber the name of. I've been getting gel manicures lately and I really love them. My nails look great for two-three weeks! Can't beat that.

Hope you are all enjoying the long holiday weekend! We are heading up north in a few hours. Can't wait to escape the heat for a bit!!


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