Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mahalo Maui: part dos

What?? Did I hear you say you wanted some more pics of Hawaii??? Ask and you shall receive. :)

I am going to apologize in advance for the nauseating amounts of sunset pictures. There was just something about these sunsets that had be holding down my shutter left and right.

SO.... let's just get one out of the way now.


ahhh..that's better. Anyway, we did the Road to Hana and for anyone who is planning on visiting Maui it's a must do!!! It makes for a long day but you will experience some of the most unbelievably beautiful sights.

And just the drive itself...incredibly beautiful!

We hung out on a black sand beach.

Where my trusty navigator figured out our next stop.

And the next stop was where we happened upon this incredible waterfall.

Pretty right? Let me just share what one must do to reach that waterfall. You have to walk across this balance beam of sorts which lays on top of a bridge... no railings and a cliff which leads down to the jungle on either side. yeah... I'm not usually this adventurous but I was bound and determined to reach that waterfall. When we saw other people crossing over we weren't about to look like scaredy cats.

After you basically risk your life you are led to this unbelievable waterfall and swimming hole. The water was take your breath away cold but after crossing the bridge I felt all wonder womanish...freezing cold problem.

those two blurry little specks...that's us. :)

And for the record...having a hubby who works out a lot doesn't really suck..that is until you go to pose next to him for the ever popular on the beach shot....

oh wait....that's better.

:0 Hope the week is treating you well!! xo


Peggy October 12, 2011 at 7:41 PM  

Love your guys look like your having such a great time! Hopefully we can get it together one of these years for a family trip to Maui!
Something to shoot for..Mahalo!

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