Thursday, October 13, 2011


New little lampshade makeover.

I decided to recover the boring burlap lampshade in my little office/nook area with some fun black and white chevron. I found this cheesy but easy to follow video tutorial and used this fabric.

New nail polish. Loving Butter nail only complaint is that it's kind of difficult to remove but I guess that's also why it stays on really well. My favorite so far is the glittery gold color. The official name is West End Wonderland.

New fave healthy smoothie.

I have never been a big breakfast person but I'm trying to start my day off with some healthy eating. I love smoothies and found this recipe which I'm totally loving. It's sort of a healthy version of my favorite Jamba Juice smoothie..the peanut butter moo'd. I tweaked the recipe a little. This has been my breakfast all week!

Everything you will need...

1. 2 Tbl unsweetened cocoa powder. Got mine at Trader Joe's
2. 1 cup Almond milk (unsweetened)
3. 1/2 a banana.
4. a dash of vanilla extract
5. 1 scoop Super Green Drink powder (found at Trader Joe's) or Berry Green (found at Whole Foods). This stuff is fantastic!!! Loaded with antioxidants and contains your daily dose of fruits and veggies.
6. 2 tbl creamy peanut butter
7. ice

Blend it all up and enjoy!! And I'm going to be honest...I added a little swirl of chocolate syrup to it the other day. I just needed the little added sweetness that day....I might even add some chocolate sprinkes tomorrow...but then again...the purpose it to be healthy..sigh.

New Anthro goodies
Picked up a few Anthro goodies I've been eyeing while out shopping with my Care Card. How could you not be happy when writing with one of those pencils!?! I just love them..they are so cheery!

New phone case
Loving my new iphone case. Obviously still digging chevron and I adore all things monogram. Found on Etsy..lots of different designs and colors available.They are all so cute that it was really hard to choose one. I also really love this one and this one. Shop them all here.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!


Peggy October 20, 2011 at 4:37 PM  

I Love the way your lamp turned out, I think it really adds alot!
I'm also happy you are drinking smoothies every morning instead of just coffee!!
Haven't used my butter nail polish yet...Halloween might be a good opportunity.
miss u

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