Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mahalo Maui: Part One

We are currently suffering from a very severe vacation hangover. We are back on the mainland after a week in Maui. Our shoulders are sun kissed and our luggage a bit sandy. I'm sitting in our room waiting for someone to deliver my lava flow and french fries...oh yeah...this type of diet is probably not appropriate when back from vacation. Damn.

Along with some cheesy souvenirs I've brought back some amazing memories that will be permanently written on my mind. It was romantic.. it was adventurous.. it was relaxing and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. A perfect way to celebrate a pretty fantastic two years of marriage.

I was in awe of the beauty. Everywhere you turn there is a scene that is just as beautiful as the next. It's so perfect that you wonder if it's real...that maybe somehow you ended up on some movie set..of course the setting being paradise.

We beach bummed it quite a bit and I'm thoroughly convinced that if beach bummin' was an actual profession then we'd certainly be millionaires.

And the sunsets.....they completely slayed me. Absolutely breathtaking.

Every evening the beach is peppered with spectators just waiting for the show to begin. And man...these sunsets deliver.

And the after show....not too shabby either.

I still have dozens of pictures to sort through. I'll be back with some more soon..including our Road to Hana adventures. Consider this a tasty little appetizer. :)

Hope you're having a fab week!!!


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