Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Things that make me happy...

Peacock feather chargers and white and orange mini pumpkins.

charger/placemats found here.

Fun nails.
Decided to try out the whole crackle nail thing. Super funky but really fun. Love that you don't have to worry about making it smooth and perfect.

I did two layers of Essie's Chinchilly and one layer of China Glaze crackle in Crushed Candy.

Also really loving the nail sticker thing.

They are surprisingly easy to apply and last longer than nail polish!!
Found here.

I recently read an article in Vogue about the magnetic manicure. I have to say that I'm super intrigued. Apparently this new magnetic nail polish contains iron powder in it and you simply paint it on and then pass the magnet (which is attached to the nail polish cap) over the polish and it creates a marbelized effect. I can't wait to try it out!

The best Fall snack EVER.

Easy yet delicious. The perfect little appetizer to bring to a dinner party. All you need...cream cheese, pumpkin butter and ginger thins. All found at Trader Joe's. People always ask what's in it because surely must be complicated and fancy. Not so much. Layer the cream cheese over the pumpkin butter and use the ginger thins to dip. Serve in a cute little pumpkin dish and you've just OD'd on Fall goodness.

(Thank you my dear friend Lesley for introducing me to this deliciousness)

My new favorite book.

Stumbled upon it while browsing at ZGallerie. LOVE the quotes. Thinking about framing a few pages and hanging in my little office/nook area.

A few of my favorites..

And I'm off to enjoy the rest of this ordinary yet perfect day!!
Hope you're doing the same!!


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