Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Extravaganza

Well hello!!! Yes, I'm still alive and yes, It's been about a month since I last posted!! So sorry..but Fall is here and I am inspired. So lots more to come. Promise!!

Speaking of Fall...Drea and I share a super nerdy enthusiasm for all things Fall/Autumn related. She made me realize that getting super giddy when spotting apple cider, gourds and pumpkins at the market is actually really normal. Or so we think. :) 

We decided to kick off this lovely season with a little Fall themed night of crafting and whipping up pumpkin frappes. Okay, the official first day of Fall is this coming Saturday but we're not being technical here. Anyway, back to the Pumpkin Frappe recipe we found on must try it! It's basically like drinking a pumpkin pie...but gets better. It's only 45 calories!! There are two with coffee and one without. We actually liked the one without better. Click here for the recipe. 

We then decided to create some chevron pumpkins also spotted on Pinterest and on the cover of Country Living magazine. I'll be honest...the taping of the pumpkins was a pain. I really wanted to throw it across the room a few times when my chevron pattern wasn't quite working out So...Drea took over taping duties and I was the painter. Painting is where I shine...taping..not so much. Click here for a brief tutorial.  I think they're super cute. The pumpkins are foam and from Target. Oh and the glitter pumpkin in one of the photos below is from Target too. I'm sort of obsessed with it.


 Happy Fall Crafting! xo


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