Friday, January 11, 2013


Random Rambles..

a.  Here's how you know you're getting old...While cleaning out my entire closet yesterday I discovered an American Express Gift Card that I never used. A quite lovely discovery. And this is what I bought with it.

Yep. I promptly went to the Container Store and bought this wrapping paper organizer that I've  been eyeing. You know what's even worse..I freaking love it! my 20 something year old self would have totally splurged on some Mac makeup or a pair of cute shoes. Don't get me wrong.I still love me some cute shoes this case..wrapping paper organizer totally trumped cute shoes. Hello 30's!

It's an easel with two sides and you can easily fold it up and slide it into an extra closet. Gotta love The Container Store! Find it here.

              This is one side. Compartments for scissors, pens, tape, cards, tissue paper and gift bags. 

And this is the other side that holds your wrapping paper. 

I aslo found this little gem. Not sure why it's taken me so long to get one of these. My poor ribbons have been stuffed inside a shopping bag. 

      I'm on a mission to be more organized this year! I have a feeling there will be many more trips to The Container Store!

b. I have a slight obsession with Hot Chocolate. I'm talking sipping on a cup almost every night before bed kind of obsession. I use Fat Free milk just to make myself feel better.. And then I add marshmallows. :) The Williams Sonoma Hot Cocoa is my favorite.

c. While trying to be good and restrain myself from buying anything for myself this past Holiday Season I sort of cheated and bought myself these slippers from Anthropologie. I mean..they were on sale..I had to.  Love, love, love them! Still available..and on SALE here.

Be back soon with a much more focused Post on our new home progress! Have a wonderful weekend! XO


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