Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easy and Inexpensive Easter Table Centerpieces

We are hosting Easter this year in our new home. My family will be coming into town on Thursday night and I can't wait!! I made these pretty simply centerpieces for our Easter Table and thought I'd share. 

I used glass domes and cake stands that we already had, a nest I had lying around and the rest was purchased from Joann's. Here is exactly what I purchased. 

It was all on sale since we're so close to Easter now. That's one good thing about procrastination...things are usually on sale right before the actual holiday.One thing that I purchased that's not shown was a bag of natural colored moss.  Here's how you do it. 

Start with your cake plate and place a good amount of the natural colored moss onto the cake plate. 

Then place your nest/nests on top of the moss and place your little eggs inside the nest. I like to tilt my nest so that it's not lying flat onto the moss.  For the one below I added more moss underneath the top nest to life it up a bit.

Then cut your sticks and add by sticking into the nests. Then add flowers or other little embellishments. For the one below I just added a few sticks and a flower that came with the green nest.
For the Large Domed Centerpiece I added lots of sticks and held them into place by arching them and sticking them into the nest on either side.

I then added flower embellishments and butterflies that I cut out of book pages and stuck onto the sticks using glue dots.

Here is the final version of the medium size centerpiece.

And final version of the small one.

Here's all three together. Can't wait to set my Easter Table now! 


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