Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

 My entire family came out to visit us for Easter weekend and it was such a blast. I adore having a full house and we absolutely loved the quality time spent with family. It was the perfect balance of seeing and doing and relaxation. We of course..also adored the time spent with our nephews who are growing so fast. 

There was a visit to The Children's Museum, a backyard BBQ, morning coffee pow wows, coloring eggs..which by the way is a quite a unique experience with toddlers. All I can say is WOW and thank goodness we did this in the backyard.  Our pup Charlotte sure appreciated the way they deconstructed the eggs after they colored them because there must be baby Dinosaurs inside. :) Charlotte enjoyed the egg yolks..AKA Baby Dinosaurs. 

    My friend April and her daughter Lauren

Children's Museum Fun

Jim and I hosted Easter Dinner at our house for the family as well as a few friends which was such a blast. 

The Place cards were a genius idea found on Pinterest. The Bunny Tails are white carnations. Thank you my lovely friend/cousin Jaclyn for helping me put these together.

                Don't let this innocent smile fool ya..his nickname is 
The Destructor. 

Speaking of our cute little destructors....our new home has officially been baptized by the nephews. A few things we've learned: hair ties make fabulous cabinet safety locks, matte paint sucks and doesn't stand up to little toddler fingers or toy lizards (more on that in a minute) thank the Lawdy that we had our linen couches stain protected, fabric ottomans makes wonderful trampolines and large kitchen islands are great for running around in circles to let out some extra energy. :) 

One of my most favorite little mementos left behind...this little sticky Lizard toy (which I put inside their Easter eggs) was put to bed by my nephew on the bedroom wall overnight and low and behold he left a little silhouette. I couldn't stop laughing when we saw this. I. love. it.

Charlotte and Colton were inseparable all weekend. So cute. 

 Lots of memories made and so thankful for the time spent together. Missing them already. 
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well! 



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