Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easy Peasy Jewelry Display

In our new bathroom I am lucky enough to have a little vanity area. I adore having the extra space and storage. I decided to hang my necklaces on the wall to the right of the vanity. I love having my necklaces out on display. I find that I forget what I have when they are tucked away in a jewelry box. I also love how they act as eye candy too. 

It was super easy to do. All you need are some medium to large sized nails, a glue gun and broaches/buttons/jewelry pendants. I found all of my broaches/buttons at Joann's. Some are buttons and some are broaches. Look in the jewelry making section as well as sewing section in any craft store. Vintage broaches would be super cool too! I was too lazy to hunt around too much and got them all in one place. 

Simply hammer in your nails wherever you'd like them and then hot glue the broach/button to the nail head. I hung mine randomly. You can clearly see that i didn't measure but I did want a random/asymmetrical look. 

Hope you're having a wonderful week! 


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