Sunday, May 12, 2013

In honor of Mother's Day...a tribute to my Mama.

The above couldn't be more true for the way I feel about my mom.  She is my best friend and my rock. She is always the voice of reason in any situation. She has taught me to be strong just like her and to always, matter what... be thankful. 

When I was a little girl she often called me her shadow.  I never let her go too far without following right behind. I never had a security blanket when I was little and now I realize why. She was it. She was my safety, my security. She was my everything. 

She is smart, witty, fun and nurturing. Her laugh is contagious and her smile genuine. She is hands down the strongest person I know. 

She is an avid tennis player, cook and gardener. She is fashionable, creative, the hostess with the mostess and quite the world traveler. 

She was born to be a mom. I am in complete awe of her ability to love and nurture with such ease.  She has shown me just what kind of mom I'd like to be one day.  

She is my best friend. 

I love you mom! Thank you for simply being you!


Peggy May 21, 2013 at 8:01 AM  

Just NOW seeing this!! There may be mis-spelled words because I'm writing thru tears.
Thank you for writing words only a mother could dream for. If my journey as a parent ever looked as if I was dancing thru with ease, it's because I was given a gift of a daughter that I will forever be grateful for!
I love you more than words could ever say!


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